Ordering Info


Go to the relevant products page and select the cushion size (if applicable), fabric category and color to then place your item into the shopping cart (the shopping cart buttons will be at the bottom of the page, beneath the fabric images).

Once your order has been submitted to us, we will follow up within 1 to 2 working days with our order confirmation, and your items will be dispatched to you within 10 to 15 working days.

In response to the upgrade safety standards imposed by California Proposition 65, we confirm that our supplier Blazing Needles LP has made enquiry with all materials suppliers with whom it contracts and has determined that all materials used in the manufacture of all products that we supply are in compliance with the Guidelines of Proposition 65.


Whenever you shop through the Papasans Unlimited website your credit card purchasing transaction is performed via Paypal ensuring the connection is safe.


We accept payment via PayPal. With all Paypal payments, please follow onscreen instructions and Submit Order to us, so that we have a complete record of product ordered and delivery address. All orders will be acknowledged by e-mail within one to two working days.


Unfortunately we do not have any fabric swatches to offer you, as we only have the swatch booklets that our fabrics supplier has provided to us, and our manufacturer is involved in the manufacture our cushions only, not in the sending out of swatches. If you e-mail us with details of the fabrics which you are interested in, then we are happy to e-mail to you larger images of the swatches that we have.


Please e-mail us for further details if you wish to supply your own fabric. Fabrics are manufactured in widths which normally vary from 44 inches wide to 60 inches wide. Unless the fabric you supply is 59″ wide, then single and double papasan cushions and covers will require an additional seam across them. Note, the seam is placed along the row of buttons making it barely noticeable once the cushion is in the papasan frame. Please read our guidelines if you are supplying fabrics with images which only allow the fabric to be displayed vertically. Ordering information and our guide regarding the recommended types of fabrics for our products are all detailed below. Prices below include delivery, and are for the DELUXE style of cushion.

Product Fabric 60″ wide Fabric 58″ – 59″ wide Fabric 48″ – 57″ wide Fabric 44″ – 47″ wide
Double papasan cushion $169.00 * 4 1/2 yds 4 1/2 yards 7 yards 7 yards
Single papasan cushion $135.00 3 1/2 yds 3 1/2 yds 5 yards 5 yards
Giant papasan cushion $169.00 6 yards 6 yards 6 yards 8 yards
1 piece Swivel rocker cushion $122.00 2 yds 3 yds 25″ 3 yds 25″ 3 yds 25″
footstool cushion $25.00 22″ 22″ 22″ 22″
Square decorative cushion $25.00 25″ 25″ 25″ 25″

* For the double papasan cushion, if the fabric you select is less than 60″ wide, then we normally place a horozontal seam across the cushion, which means that if you choose a fabric which can only be positioned one way because images on the fabric all run in one direction, then it will result in the images being displayed sideways when the double papasan cushion is placed in the frame. If you wish to provide a fabric where the images all run in one direction only, then we can place two vertical seams down the double papasan cushion, which will result in the fabrics all being displayed upright once the cushion is in the papasan frame. In this case, please provide 7.5 yards of fabric.

Own Fabric Guide

Please ensure that fabric is not too thin or lightweight; it needs to be medium weight or heavier to be suitable for furnishings. Also drapary fabric with a thermal warmth backing is unsuitable, as it is not breathable and may cause the cushions to sweat if chair is placed in a sunny position. Fabric with no more than 4% stretch can be used. Waterproof fabric can be used for UNFILLED papasan cushion covers only. Unfortunately we are unable to use non-breathable fabrics for filled cushions because they can weaken at the seams when we machine blow the filling into them.

When providing your own fabric, we cannot guarantee it to be free of defects, however we will notify you immediately if we notice any flaws. Please note that should you send to us fabrics which are unsuitable for the manufacture of cushions or are not cut to the correct length, then they will be returned to you, at your cost. We are happy to return any surplus fabric remnants if you prefer.


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