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Why our Deluxe Papasan Cushions are so Great!

great qualityWe fill our cushions FULL! It is essential to have a thick and plump papasan cushion. Our Deluxe single papasan cushions are at least 8 inches thick (double papasans are 10 inches thick) which ensures that you will not feel the rattan frame beneath you. We use the minimum amount of tufts on our deluxe papasan cushions which means that we can have more filling inside, resulting in thicker (between 8 – 10 inches thick!) and more luxurious cushions. All of our papasan pads are filled with compression resistent polyester filling. Yes, the deluxe papasan range of cushions are slightly more expensive, however they definitely worth the extra cost to ensure that these plush papasan cushions will exceed your expectations.

All of our products come with our product excellence guarantee, meaning that if there is any defect, then we will replace or refund.

We have a great range of hard wearing fabrics, well suited for your cushion or cover.

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We are papasan experts – we have spent a great deal of time lounging around in papasan furniture (testing them out of course!). Over the years we have experimented with the cushions and modified them to ensure that our products are of an excellent standard.

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