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Are you looking for a replacement papasan cushion or seeking a complete papasan chair?  We offer rattan papasan chairs, swivel rocker chair frames and plush single and double papasan cushions.  All cushions are manufactured in the US, and delivered to you within the continental USA.  We have all sizes and styles of papasan and swivel rocker cushions that are available in a huge range of different fabrics.  Be sure to check out our Deluxe papasan cushions, they are extra plump with Velcro tags to secure your cushion to the rattan papasan frame.

Top Quality Single and Double Papasan Cushions, Swivel Rocker Chairs & Cushions

We are sure that you will find the perfect papasan cushion to meet your requirements and budget, whilst taking advantage of having your items delivered directly to your door.   We offer many difference sized papasan cushions, which come in two styles, the tufted style and the deluxe style. You will be most impressed with the quality, size and thickness of our Deluxe papasan cushions which are overstuffed and plump (to ensure that you do not feel the rattan frame beneath you) which are supplied with very handy Velcro tags to secure your deluxe papasan cushion to your frame.  You will not find another firm in the US that sells this fabulous Deluxe style of cushion.  Note that all products come with our product excellence guarantee and all prices include shipping.


Yellow Chair

Our products include the double papasan cushion (also known as the loveseat or mamasan, pictured above), the single papasan cushion, single frames 42″ diameter, swivel rocker chairs (frames and cushions), footstool frames and cushions and various decorative scatter cushions. Be sure to see why our deluxe papasan cushions are so great. We also have a page dedicated to customer testimonials so check out what our customers are saying about our products and service.

We welcome your queries, and undertake to respond to all e-mails within one business day.

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